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Age of Bronze: Sacrifice

Age of Bronze: Betrayal Part One

The Sandman: The Kindly Ones

The Sandman: The Wake

The Sandman: Endless Nights

The Sandman: The Dream Hunters

Cities of the Fantastic: The Invisible Frontier Part 1

Cities of the Fantastic: The Invisible Frontier Part 2

Sin City: That Yellow Bastard

Sin City: Family Values
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 The Cartoon History of the Universe
 The Castaways
 Cathedral Child
 Cerebus: High Society
 Channel Zero
 Channel Zero: Jennie One
 Cities of the Fantastic
 Clan Apis
 Climbing Out
 Clockwork Angels
 Clyde Fans
 The Coffin
 The Collected Hutch Owen
 Colonia: Islands and Anomalies
 Comanche Moon
 The Complete Geisha
 Corpus Monstrum
 The Couriers
 Couscous Express
 The Cowboy Wally Show
 Creature Tech
 Dan and Larry
 Dance Till Tomorrow
 Dark Blue
 David Boring
 David Chelsea in Love
 Daydream Lullabies: A Billy Dogma Experience
 Dear Julia,
 Diary of a Dominatrix
 Dirty Boulevard
 Dixie Road
 Doll and Creature
 Domu: A Child's Dream
 Don't Call Me Stupid
 Doom Patrol
 The Dreamer
 Dropsie Avenue: The Neighborhood
 El Borbah
 Fagin the Jew
 The Fall
 Fax From Sarajevo
 Fear of Comics
 The Fixer
 Flowers & Bees
 Fortune and Glory
 The Frank Book
 Frank Miller's 300
 From Cloud 99: Memories
 From Hell
 Garlands of Moonlight
 Gemma Bovery
 Get Your War On
 Ghost World
 The Golem's Mighty Swing
 Good-Bye, Chunky Rice
 The Grasshopper and the Ant
 Greetings From Hellville

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