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Warren Ellis has written around thirty graphic novels, comics, prose fiction, journalism, videogames and screenplays. Sometimes he take photographs. He also creates and co-creates websites, including this one. He has awards and stuff, he's been in big magazines and newspapers, and he's been published in NATURE, which he always mentions because it makes him laugh.

Warren Ellis is represented by agent Angela Cheng Caplan at Writers & Artists and manager Aaron Michiel. He's a consultant to artbomb.net and opi8.com He's on the web at warrenellis.com, strangemachine.com and diepunyhumans.com. He's thirty four and lives in England and he never ever sleeps. Never.

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Why is this country always so bloody cold?

I'm writing this in the pub today, and my fingers are already starting to lock up from the chill. And my hands have gone a funny colour. Probably doesn't help that I've been up til just before dawn watching our special new internet-streamed war since Wednesday, trading updates with the rest of the Artbomb crew.

This is how Artbomb works.

I guess that, from the outside, it's not really visible how weirdly tight-knit me, Peter, Kelly Sue and Fraction are. Weird because, well, Peter's in San Francisco now, Kelly Sue and Fraction are in the American mid-west, and I'm in south east England. I've met Peter twice, Fraction once, and Kelly Sue not at all. And I've actually known Kelly Sue longer than all of them. She was the first writer I brought on to Artbomb. I wanted Artbomb to be staffed by working writers from the outset, and she already had a list of credits as long as my arm, as well as the third-party quote "New York's most exciting young pornographer!" Her business card briefly read: Smut Peddler. You'll find a bunch of her writing via http://www.kellysue.com, which should be up imminently. (This is where I get an email cursing me for making her get the website all the way up, by the way.) I think it was Kelly Sue's idea to bring Fraction onboard, which only made perfect sense to Peter and I. Fraction's day job is co-founder of the media mutant crew MK12, who produce graphics, video and all that: they made the idents for American MTV's TRL, and the MTV-banned video for The Faint's "Agenda Suicide", among many many other things. He also wrote the comedy graphic novel REX MANTOOTH, available from finer boutiques for pop culture junk. Clever little sod. Fraction and Kelly Sue got married last year. They met through me via the internet. Peter was at the wedding -- roughly coinciding with the beginning of his sabbatical from the world of finance and business consultation. Peter and I used to be in business together. You see how disturbingly incestuous this all is?

(It gets worse. Back when we were producing web animation, we hired Colleen Doran to create character designs and storyboards. Colleen, of course, created the first Artbomb webcomic, SUPERIDOL, with me. Our first graphic novel together, ORBITER, is published next month.)

The point being, Artbomb isn't something that's just thrown together by a bunch of faceless idiots across five or six thousand miles. Except, of course, it IS, it's utter bloody chaos, what with Peter's leg practically falling off, and Fraction and I mostly scrabbling for air under the pressure of being Media Engines, and Kel... well, Kelly Sue's mostly shaking her head sadly at the stupid broken men and making egg drop soup and writing us all under the table.

What was the point again? Yeah. We probably expend something like fifty emails a day between us, ranging from actual Artbomb business to swapping music we just bought (I'm listening to something Fraction sent me on my Archos mp3 player as I type this) to Peter reporting on the anti-war vomit-in taking place outside his place to, well, the usual entertaining bullshit you get when you share the same mind and the same space, electronic or no. This is the point and the joy of the internet for me; whether we're at home or on the road, I'm in the same town as my friends.

Something Kelly Sue said a couple of months ago stuck in my head: "This is my favourite club."

Sit down and listen to my friends talk.

-- Warren

Warren Ellis can be reached at brainpowermail@aol.com. BRAINPOWERED is copyright (c) 2002-2004 Warren Ellis. All rights reserved.

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