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Sanctuary vol. 1

Credits: Written by Sho Fumimura and Illustrated by Ryoichi Ikegami
Publisher: Viz


Hojo is a Yakuza who's just maneuvered his way into leadership of his syndicate. Asami is a fledgling politician clawing his way to a seat in the parliament. Both men are out to change Japan, one from below, the other from the top. Both men are lifelong friends, and they won't stop till they've turned Japan into a global powerhouse.

SANCTUARY is about who or what try to get in their way, and how single-handedly ruthless they are at wiping out the opposition. Hojo has the ferociously loyal and ferociously violent Tokai to back him up. Asami is gathering a growing band of allies with which to form a new political party that will usurp power from the long-stagnant ruling party. But for every obstacle each man removes from his path, another is waiting in the wings...

This is political fiction masquerading as a gangster saga. Or is it vice versa? This is where you go to feed your Godfather jones. Want to see ruthless, decisive violence? Check. Want to see backroom political strategy run like life-or-death war campaigns? Check. Want to see tall men in suits standing stoic in the face of overwhelming odds? Check. SANCTUARY has enough twists and turns to keep you reading. It gives you what you want, but never quite the way you were expecting.

-- Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh is a screenwriter and filmmaker who writes comics when he has the time. He has recently completed JLA: The Age of Wonder for DC Comics, and written and directed Open House, a short film for Studio FP in Italy. His current projects include the forthcoming Blackshirt for Moonstone Books, Anna Passenger, a novel being serialised on Opi8.com, and various film and television projects.


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