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Iron Wok Jan! vol. 1

Credits: Written and Illustrated by Shinji Saijyo
Publisher: ComicsOne


Imagine Iron Chef recast with up-and-coming anal egotistical teenage prodigies and that'll give you a good feel for IRON WOK JAN! Our central character, Jan Akiyama, is the sixteen-year old grandson of the "Master of Chinese Cuisine" who is determined to defeat the current Chinese Cuisine champion, but must first swing recipes against his talented teenage granddaughter who's interning in the same kitchen. It's wacky, energetic and everything I could ever imagine in a teenage cooking comic set in a Chinese kitchen.

And, for those of you who can actually cook, IRON WOK JAN! is chock full of tips on everything from removing the odor from liver to making a good custard soup. Within these pages, you'll learn the secret of xo sauce, how to sculpt radish flowers, and a lesson or two in Chinese medicinal cooking. (You'll definitely think twice before you begin mixing mushrooms again.)

There just isn't anything as charmingly manic on the market right now as IRON WOK JAN!

This is cooking manga, after all.

-- Peter Aaron Rose

Peter Aaron Rose is a writer, producer and technologist who lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Under the pseudonym "Peter Siegel", he recently authored Killing Demons, a graphic novel available from Engine Press and Platinum Studios.


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