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Creature Tech

Credits: Written and Illustrated by Doug TenNapel
Publisher: Top Shelf


It's hard to decide where to start with this one.

"Doctor Michael Ong is a nice guy who works for a small-town federal research agency that investigates strange and unnatural phenomena, like weird artifacts and monsters. One day, one of those artifacts brings a long-dead mad scientist back to life and trouble ensues."

There, that sounded pretty simple, right? But of course, that description fails to address the cat-demons. And the giant space eel. The multi-limbed kung fu fights. The humanoid mantis security guard. The extraterrestrial mummy. The Russian teleporter. And, of course, the alien symbiote. Did I mention it's a tale of blossoming love, a lesson on finding your place among other people no matter how odd you may be, and a reflection on the meaning of Christian faith in a world of monstrosities and twisted science?

Believe it or not, Doug TenNapel makes it all fit together, and then some.

I'd say it's horror adventure if it wasn't so charming and funny. I'd say it's lighthearted romance if there weren't so many dismemberments. Just when you think it's not taking itself seriously at all, it gives you a little something to ponder. Just when you think it's buckling down to put on a sober face, it throws a goofy curveball. Really, it's hard to pin CREATURE TECH down with a label, except "fun".

And when you sit down to read it, forget about all the extra things I mentioned in the third paragraph. Let them surprise you. Fun!

-- Dan Curtis Johnson


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