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The Masochists

Credits: Written and Illustrated by Nick Bertozzi
Publisher: Alternative Comics


If you like character studies of sad, broken, damaged characters, then THE MASOCHISTS is the book for you. If you don't like character studies of sad, broken, damaged characters, then do us both a favor and make away with your mouse clicks. (Although, I suspect that if you actually clicked on a book title called "The Masochists", then I think we know where you stand...)

What distinguishes THE MASOCHISTS amongst the growing sea of what my wife likes to call "loser" books is that the characters in this one aren't total losers. There's genuine hope for these poor sods; they are redeemable if they want to be redeemed. They're the geeky band students torn between their own friendships and trying to fit in with the cool kids; the aging musician who has sold his musical soul for the quick cash of ad jingles; the weathered drunk obsessed with self-mutilation... These are the characters that live in the mind of creator Nick Bertozzi, who succesfully brings their tragic stories to life with an expressive pen and an entirely unflinching tone. And THE MASOCHISTS is a very honest and compassionate look into their lives.

If you're still reading this, then I can only assume that you do like character studies of sad, broken, damaged characters.


-- Peter Aaron Rose

Peter Aaron Rose is a writer, producer and technologist who lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Under the pseudonym "Peter Siegel", he recently authored Killing Demons, a graphic novel available from Engine Press and Platinum Studios.


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