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Clan Apis

Credits: Written and Illustrated by Jay Hosler
Publisher: Active Synapse


There's a time in every kid's life when there's just nothing cooler then science. Sometimes it's an all too brief infatuation that fades away when your first turtle passes on or when the ants escape from their glass cage and run rampant in your bed sheets. But, sometimes the fascination never dies and encourages guys like Jay Hosler to become biologists - and to share their passion for science through the wonderful art of cartooning.

CLAN APIS is that rare blend of entertainment and education that successfully manages to enlighten without being preachy and to inform without being mundane. It's the chronicle of the life of a honeybee named Nyuki, from her inception as a larva through her maturity to a worker bee in the clan community of Apis. Nyuki's world is filled with colorful and comedic friends (and foes), the likes of which you'd expect from Pixar's A Bug's Life, but possessing depth and knowledge that only someone with Hosler's scientific background can depart.

The secret to CLAN APIS, though, isn't in the science. It's hidden in Hosler's deft storytelling ability, which unfolds an adventure that's equally thrilling as it is touching, a pleasant surprise that caps off a significant achievement in graphic narrative.

CLAN APIS is the book I wished I had when I was a kid.

-- Peter Aaron Rose

Peter Aaron Rose is a writer, producer and technologist who lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Under the pseudonym "Peter Siegel", he recently authored Killing Demons, a graphic novel available from Engine Press and Platinum Studios.


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