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Credits: Written by Elaine Lee and Illustrated by William Simpson
Publisher: Vertigo (DC)


Let's be clear about one thing: VAMPS is not High Art. Alan Moore is not shaking and sweating in fear for his job because I am about to reveal that History's great secrets are woven subtly into the pages of VAMPS. VAMPS is not the key to the Illuminati.

VAMPS is camp. But here's the thing, see? Sometimes I like camp.

VAMPS is a revenge fantasy, featuring slutty biker babes on Harleys wearing slutty biker clothes and calling themselves by slutty biker names. Oh, and they're VAMPIRES, see? They murder the guy that made them and set off dispensing Slutty Vampire Justice as they see fit. They're Slutty Blood-sucking Sisters from Hell, see? What's not to love? It's the kind of book that makes me laugh out loud and consider briefly asking my girlfriends if they want to dress up as Howler, Screech, Whipsnake, Skeeter and Mink for Halloween. (I immediately dismiss this idea, of course, because... well, because it's a stupid idea. Plus, what if someone else wanted to be Howler? What then, I ask you? What THEN?) It's not High Art and it doesn't strike a blow in the name of feminism (though I wouldn't be surprised if Paglia dug it), but it's funny goddammit.

Plus it's got boobies.

-- Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Kansas City, MO, where she lives with her husband and artbomb.net colleague, Matt Fraction. Kelly Sue writes the English adaptations of several manga titles published by Tokyopop and Viz. She can be found on the web at kellysue.com.


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