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100 Bullets: Split Second Chance (vol. 2)

Credits: Written by Brian Azzarello and Illustrated by Eduardo Risso
Publisher: Vertigo (DC)


The first 100 BULLETS collection, First Shot, Last Call, is an enjoyable book. I recommend you all go out and read it. You will consider it money well spent, I will feel I've done some good in the world and everyone will go home happy. However, the second 100 BULLETS collection, SPLIT SECOND CHANCE, is a book so good that it challenges my gift for hyperbole. Honestly and simply, you should go out and read First Shot, Last Call primarily so that you can get to SPLIT SECOND CHANCE.

If you have already read the first collection and are about to crack the second, I advise you to cancel any plans you may have made for this evening because this is what's going to happen: you're going to sit down in your book-reading chair and you're going to start reading and you're not going to stop even when your right butt cheek has gone to sleep (you really need to put a new cushion on that chair, you know).

About one third of the way through, you will realize you're hungry. About three-quarters of the way through you will carry the book with you to the microwave and continue to read as you heat up Chinese leftovers. You will finish SPLIT SECOND CHANCE concurrent with stale Lo Mein and you will sit there for a moment piecing it together in your head.

You will see The Big Picture.

You'll take your dishes to the sink and return to that horrible chair to flip through the book. You will admire the editing style. It will remind you of Soderbergh. You'll spend half an hour looking for First Shot, Last Call before you remember it's in that stack over there. You'll reread it. You will notice Big Picture things you hadn't noticed before. You will go back to volume two. Lather, rinse, repeat.

You will look at the clock and realize it's 2:30 in the morning and you will curse Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso and Axel Alonso and Karen Berger and Peter Rose and maybe, if I'm lucky, you'll wish that my children are born with mutilated genitals, too.

Every girl's got a dream.

-- Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Kansas City, MO, where she lives with her husband and artbomb.net colleague, Matt Fraction. Kelly Sue writes the English adaptations of several manga titles published by Tokyopop and Viz. She can be found on the web at kellysue.com.


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