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Lenore: Wedgies (vol. 2)

Credits: Written and Illustrated by Roman Dirge
Publisher: Slave Labor Graphics


I was just talking to Fraction yesterday about how I don't really read comics on the subway. I don't know why. It just doesn't occur to me. I finish whichever prose novel and scan the forest of unread books on my floor, searching for my next adventure and the graphic novels don't even register. It's as though they don't qualify in my head. In a funny way, I'm the artbomb.net target audience. Weird, that.

Anyway, I did read LENORE: WEDGIES on the subway. It wasn't planned; I'd picked it up at Jim Hanley's Universe and I simply could not wait to get it home. I couldn't wait to get it out of the STORE. I stood and read a good bit of it in front of the Goth rack where it's shelved at Hanley's. I snorted. I yukked. I even hyuked, dammit. I giggled and twittered and slapped my thigh all the way to the subway, where I guffawed and had to close the book occasionally to share my titters with my fellow passengers. It turns out laughter is not as infectious as the proverbs would have you believe.

When I got home, I called my friend Maggie. I described each panel and read the captions aloud. She laughed. Politely. Apparently, you have to see the book for yourself to grasp the hilarity. The next day, I photocopied the page in question and mailed it to Maggie. She called when she got it. She was laughing - impolitely this time: Victory.

LENORE: WEDGIES is the continued adventures of Lenore the little dead girl and if I try to explain the humor to you it won't work any better than it did with Maggie. Here's my best go: it reads like a game of drunken Pictionary played by Tim Burton, Edward Gorey and Dr. Seuss.

Are you a cat person? Do you know any cat people? Have you ever seen a cat? Do you recognize the animal to which I am referring when I say "cat"? If you answered YES to any of these questions, open to page 11 and laugh so riotously that people move away from you on the subway.

-- Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Kansas City, MO, where she lives with her husband and artbomb.net colleague, Matt Fraction. Kelly Sue writes the English adaptations of several manga titles published by Tokyopop and Viz. She can be found on the web at kellysue.com.


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