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Written and
Illustrated by:
Jim Woodring

Fantagraphics Books

Deluxe Graphic Novel,
8 1/2" x 11",
344 pages,
cloth hardcover

$39.95 (US)


Publication Date:
June 2003

"Woodring is fantastic. his stuff will outlast all but one in a thousand of his peers. His stuff is a revelation."

-- Scott McCloud,
Understanding Comics

"The Frank stories have a meditative, hallucinatory feel. They tap into a universal consciousness of archetypes. But ultimately Frank tells one story, everyone's story, the same story as life: 'How Laughably Absurd It All Is'."

-- Time.com

"Frank's a frankly mind-blown creature who reminds you that there are more worlds in the world than you may be recognizing as you go about the daily grind."

-- New York Press

"The imagination and thoroughness that have gone into the design of the Frank landscapes haven't been equaled by anything in comics since George Herriman's Krazy Kat."

-- World Art


THE FRANK BOOK by Jim Woodring

Publisher's Description

Readers who haven't discovered Jim Woodring's "Frank" stories have a colossal treat waiting for them. Since 1991, these lusciously rendered, hypnotic fables have dazzled comics readers the world over, yet Frank remains largely unknown in other circles. Now, for the first time, Fantagraphics will collect all the Frank stories in one massive and deluxe tome, THE FRANK BOOK.

Between its handsome cloth covers are 344 pages of Frank comics, drawings and oddities. A fancy dustjacket, swoon-inducing endpapers and ribbon bookmark make this book a decorative object as well as a repository of storytelling genius.

Frank is a unique, visionary comic, exquisitely drawn and so fully realized that readers find themselves drawn deeply into Woodring's hallucinatory mindscape. The stories, almost entirely wordless, are told with brilliant, candy colors that people of all ages find alluring.

Is THE FRANK BOOK a book for children? For some children, certainly: smart, secure children who enjoy a good puzzle and aren't too upset by a little grim mayhem. This is strong stuff, in places. Is THE FRANK BOOK a book for adults? Sadly, not all. Some men and women find Frank too deep, too meaningful, too high-quality. What are the stories about? It's impossible to say... though clued-in readers all agree they are about something. Like that first love affair, that first samadhi, that first breath, the world of Frank must be experienced to be understood.

Who is Frank? Another unanswerable question. Does it explain him to say that he is an 11-year-old generic anthropomorph who lives in a force-laden landscape called the Unifactor? That he is curious but not smart, naïve but not noble? That his most outstanding character trait is his ineducability? What of Pupshaw, Frank's semi-subservient housedog-like godling? Or Manhog, the bloated bladder of sin with a heart of radiance? Who can explain the platonic Jerry Chickens, or the lachrymose Lucky? Does it explain things to say that Frank has a Real Pa and a Faux Pa, and that they are indistinguishable? The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget THE FRANK BOOK. This definitive collection is the very best way to give, receive and experience one of the great cartoon achievements of the 20th century.


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"FRANK is like the children's book you always thought Thomas Pynchon would write. FRANK is the best, and worst, book you could ever read to children; so you should read it to them and see what happens. FRANK is by Jim Woodring and is a masterwork of the medium, deceptively simple and infinitely complex. FRANK is a window into Jim Woodring's head, and it's a pretty great place to hang out."

-- Matt Fraction

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