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Written by
Marc Bryant

Illustrated by
Mal Jones


Original Graphic Novel,
96 pages,
color cover

$12.95 (US)


Diamond Order Code:
SEP04 2562

Publication Date:
November, 2004


THE PASSENGER by Bryant & Jones

Publisher's Description

A superstar who can't keep the names of his wife, girlfriends and mistresses straight. A mysterious young woman with a penchant for breaking the fourth wall. A murderer's ghost sporting a big gold chain and a very bad perm. This is The Passenger, the newest graphic novel from Marc Bryant and Mal Jones, creators of the critically acclaimed Overtime.

Finch Jenkins is a writer and filmmaker whose fortune is made glamorizing death and murder. He finds himself haunted by a ghost who spooks him at every turn. Enter Memphis, a mysterious young woman who tells Finch that the ghost is the spirit of a murderer, sentenced to bring another killer to justice before he can go on to his final reward. The hitch is, the ghost, Gary Divine, needs a living anchor to act for him in the material world. And he wants Finch. Divine drags him from one horrific situation to another--from tourist trap resort towns, to fistfights with rednecks, ogling a clown moonlighting as a stripper, and dealing with a peepshow janitor who has something going with his mop-until Finch gets the job done. But there's a catch...there's always a catch.

"We were looking for something different after the sci-fi gloom of Overtime, so we turned to what may seem an unlikely pairing: horror and comedy. It gave me a chance to mix up together horror, slapstick comedy, pop culture commentary, with some character driven drama to top it off. It's a book for both Mal and me, and we hope you enjoy it, too."


(Click the cover image or the Preview Now! button above to view a 11 page preview of THE PASSENGER.)

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