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Lea Hernandez

E-mail: divalea@divalea.com
Website: http://www.divalea.com

Lea Hernandez is the creator of KILLER PRINCESSES (with Gail Simone, Oni Press), the pop piss-take comic series RUMBLE GIRLS (Image Comics), the acclaimed Texas Steampunk graphic novels CATHEDRAL CHILD (Image), CLOCKWORK ANGELS (Image), and IRONCLAD PETAL (Moderntales.com, May 2002, Cyberosia, 2003), and the weekly strip, NEAR-LIFE EXPERIENCE (ModernTales.com). Other works include Marvel Mangaverse PUNISHER with writer Peter (SUPERGIRL) David, and the re-writing half of the translation team on 3x3 EYES and WHAT'S MICHAEL for Studio Proteus'/Dark Horse Comics' Harvey-nominated SUPER MANGA BLAST. She is also a retouch artist, logging 5,000+ pages, mostly with North America's premier manga packager, Studio Proteus. In November 2001, Lea was a guest lecturer at Minneapolis College of Art and Design for their wildly successful "Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits" weekend seminar. She spoke about her manga-influenced art, and taught a Master Class: "How to Draw Your Basic Cute Face"; demonstrating how to apply "real-world" anatomy to make better cartooning.

Lea is one of a handful of women who has written and drawn a creator-owned comics series for a major American publisher--a rare breed, but not a singular one. She has worked for every major comics company in the U.S. in every aspect of comics production including lettering, coloring, writing and drawing. Her previous credits include originating the anime and manga column for Wizard Magazine, artist for Disney Comics and Disney Adventures Magazine, Marvel, DC/Paradox (TRANSMETROPOLITAN #33, TRANSMETROPOLITAN: I Hate It Here, The Big Book of Wild Women, The Big Book of Urban Myths), cover artist for Giles Poitras' THE ANIME COMPANION, just to name a few. Lea also contributed to the Eisner-nominated anthologies DIGNIFYING SCIENCE (writer Jim Ottaviani, GT Labs), and BRAINBOMB, and to ORANGE ROAD creator Izumi Matsumoto's bestselling CD-ROM manga anthology COMIC ON. Prior (and occassionally concurrent) to her comics work, Lea was a vice-president in the legendary animation studio GAINAX (Evangelion, Furi-Kuri), a professional film-cutter, awning seamtress, and Nebula-recommended short fiction author.

Lea was born in Alameda, California, served five years as a Navy brat (and CPO's daughter) in the Viet Nam era, was raised Catholic in Texas, spent ten years trying to re-conquer her hometown, and now lives in Texas again in the fabulous Casa de Hernandez with her husband and kids, adopted dogs Yuki and Mama, second-hand cat Sprocket, and rats Angel and Whiskey.

Available Titles

 Cathedral Child
 Clockwork Angels

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