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E-mail: edilya@hotmail.com

'Cockney banana' ILYA (aka Ed Hillyer) fell sideways into comics after helping out old mucker Eddie Campbell on art chores for his original DEADFACE series (the material later collected as BACCHUS: The Gods Of Business). He's gone on to work for almost every publisher come and gone: Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Deadline, Tundra and so on. His graphic novel THE END OF THE CENTURY CLUB was voted Best Graphic Novel at the 1997 U.K. Comic Art Convention. There was a sequel TIME WARP, in 1999. His short story 'The Body' in the anthology IT'S DARK IN LONDON (Serpent's Tail) is another favorite. Something of a comics ambassador for Britain, translations of his work have appeared as far afield as France, Spain, Japan, and soon, Italy. Hurrah!

All ten episodes of ILYA's Flash animated JEAN GENII can be viewed at: www.surfaceimpression.co.uk/jeangenii

More of ILYA's work can be found at: www.comiccompany.co.uk

Available Titles

 Bacchus: The Gods of Business (vol. 2)
 Bacchus: The Eyeball Kid - One Man Show (vol. 4)

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