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Mike Wolfer

One of the most highly-regarded creators on the indy comics horror scene, writer/artist Mike Wolfer entered the field in 1987 with his giant-monster saga Daikazu, under his own Ground Zero Comics banner.

Wolfer launched his best-known creator-owned work Widow around 1991 and the adventures of the genetically altered woman-spider have showcased his trademark character-driven blend of drama, horror, science fiction, and erotica ever since. Wolfer has also done work for Chaos!, London Night, and Dark Horse -- contributing to the all-monster issue of Dark Horse Presents #47 and collaborating with Arthur Adams for an issue of Godzilla.

At Avatar Press, Wolfer has done a number of Widow mini series plus the 14-issue Widow X which collects and expands the entire pre-Avatar Widow saga. His erotic horror character Rag Doll has run in the pages of Avatar's adult anthology Raw Media, and he has also worked on indy goth-girl staple Razor at Avatar, both in collaboration with David Quinn (Faust) and in his own written and drawn serial in Avatar's Threshold anthology.

Landmark Warren Ellis creations Strange Kiss and Stranger Kisses were both drawn by Wolfer, and the pair are collaborating again on the Strange Killings saga.

Available Titles

 Strange Killings
 Strange Kiss
 Stranger Kisses

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